Sunday, February 26, 2012

Circle Journal cover

When I got the E2Aed I wantwed to try out some of the Cricut American Alphabet. I cut the individual letters with a bit of difficulty as the blade cut through one of them. I now think it was because my mat was kinked at the side. (old mat in use) Once I had the letters I wanted a background for them as per usual my projects grow like Topsy. I decided that as I couldn't get the Gypsy to design and cut a background as the Gypsy doesn't have the internal E2 carts linked (yet) I would use CricutCraftRoom and weld the shadow letters to form a circle. Well I got into CCR (well done me!) designed the letters and even got them the right size when I had forgotten what size I had cut the top ones!, and I was pretty pleased with what it seemed to be going to look like. Well my E2 had a wifi card because of the lovely person who ended up getting 3 for christmas and was prepared to send on to me in New Zealand. It had worked in the E2 that I bought but having bought the AED E2 I just swapped it over. Ohoh Oh NO! (quote taken from DGD who said this from about 12 months on). Well although I had connected the E2 the anniversary E2 didn't want to cut on wifi it kept telling me the internet was blocked. Well after thinking what haven't I done right? do I have a lemon? did they not put wifi in this one? Oh NO!.. WELL think logically like a computer.... ah went into the settings of the computer and into the wifi setup (now this is no mean feat I am a computer junkie but for programs not for the inside works) well then I chose something was wrong and the computer asked if it could fix it. I said yes and VOILA my wifi worked on my AEDE2.
WOW WEEEEE I selected the right E2 (there are now 2 in my CCR list) and chose cut!!!!!! OH OH OHH NOOOOO it says I have to put the cartridge in BUT hang on the SuperBUG on the Cricut message board said she had cut with the E2 with the internal carts and it had worked!!!! "Prayers to the one above who knows our inner most thoughts" chose cut ignore the fact that it wants a cart and tell it to cut and see if it works! YYYAAAAYYYYYY YES it did work. now its 2am by this time and I have had the gauntlet of emotions so I am very tired so I drooled over how my cut looked as it was amazing placed the cut out letters on the top and glued them on even more amaging and went to bed. I slept!!!! I have been having trouble doing that but yep slept like a baby!
Now woked somewhat refreshed and ready to start another day(well somewhat ready) Decided to ink the edges with Tim Holts disstress ink in straw and did the same for the edge of the cover. It is quite plain at the moment but I am currently very pleased with it. I may add some flowers or something but for now I am going to wallow in admiration of the technical ability of all the machines and internet and think that a machine can cut paper in New Zealand from a program in USA when it is sitting across the room from the computer and has no physical tie to it. Well done me and Cricut.
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