Saturday, June 30, 2012

Circle Journal- techniques

I had to make a journal page with a technique. Although I have never done this technique before I thought it looked really awesome in the pic that I saw. So off I go to give it a go. The technique is Candle Soot Technique which I downloaded from CTMH at some stage. I used a 6x6 page and put a window on it which was left over from making a lantern the flowers were a trial an a cut out I was doing and in my off cuts box. the butterflies are a punch which is well used as I and my DGD love butterflies. the dots are pearl dots which although a little crocked look awesome as the colour is very similar to the frame. The stamp is Conie Fong's Buttercup from Sweet Pea Stamps and the sentiment is a Rosie's Clear stamp. I used SU whisper white cardstock and run the piece of cardstock through the candle and this is the pattern it made. I left the sentiment just with the stamped out image but Buttercup I waterpainted with shimmer paint. Love the effect of this and can see if you had a tree stamp it would look like cloudy weather. I have written the technique below if you want to try it.
Candle Soot Technique Instructions

Supplies Needed:
Hairspray or Matte Sealer spray
Rubber stamp
Light your candle. I like to use a big pillar candle or a taper candle firmly in a candlestick.
Now, take a piece of cardstock and swipe it through the flame. Hold the cardstock parallel to the counter or table and swipe it through the flame, kind of near the top of the flame works best. Hold the cardstock lightly on the edges. Soot will accumulate on the bottom side of the cardstock. Continue to swipe as many times as need to cover the cardstock in soot. Start at one end and work towards the other end of the cardstock. If you swipe quickly the soot goes on lightly. When you go slowly the soot accumulates thicker. Play around see what speed works best and gives the best coverage.
When you have finished coating the cardstock with soot, take an uninked stamp and stamp it on the cardstock. The stamp lifts off the soot. Clean your stamp. Handle the piece with care as the soot can rub off before it is sealed.
Carefully spray the cardstock with hairspray or a matte finishing spray like for tole painting. This seals in the soot so that it will not rub off. When you seal it, the color will change from a brownish black to more of a gray. That is normal.
Now, just mount and attach the stamped piece on your card, gift bag or project of any kind.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Boys car to Butterfly car

 DGD sitting on Butterfly car to watch TV

 Had to round the front to get a pic of the front

 Now she calls it the Butterfly car
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the 2nd day of winter 2012

 My DGD Tyler on the swing

 Kalua the cat who visits cause he thinks its his home

 Now I've got my Bike

 Fairy's she is trying to blow it

 Gave it to Nana to blow
 Oh wow it's half gone
 Look Kalua its half gone
 I'm getting on the chair to wath the swing
 yep I'm up
 Ahhh relax
 Smile for Nana
 I'm gona push the swing
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bee Friends


I cased these bees from a Punch art Bee box made by Heather I did not need the boxes as I was doing this for a circle journal but Idecided to do concetina bits like a box behind so I could put the black stripes down the side and make it look more like a bee. When you open the page they seem to pop out at you which is kinda cute. will now have to do some more so I have a variety. Love the flower on the lady bee and my invention of a top hat on the drone.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Basket

One of the people who should have received an Easter basket didn't receive it and when chatting on the Thursday after Easter she was somewhat disappointed. I said don't worry I will send you one so I commenced this and sent it the next day. She will have to wait a few days as the post said it would take 1-3 working days and I only posted on Friday.
I used the Cricut Imagine Tags Bags Boxes and more 2 cartridge to make the cup and saucer and then colour added with the Imagine, the lattice basket was made from cricut cardstock which is 2 shades of Purple D's favourite colour. The card was made with the better together cartridge and the words edited in CCR.
The cup & the basket I filled with chocolate eggs. and of course had to add the chocolatte drinks.

I added purple ribbon to the basket and purple bling to the areas on the lattice and onto the handle.

I also added her a poem.
For Dee

I’m sad your Easter goodies didn’t arrive
But here’s a few things to help you survive.
There’s a basket and chocies, A handbag for you
Some are in purple as I know you love that colour too.

The card is a special one to go with the cup
And the chocolatte is cause you probably feel ‘fed up’
You put so much effort in all that you do
You don’t expect that others don’t too.

So to complete this funny little rhyme
I have spent a little time
To make for you just a few little things
And hope that this parcel travels with wings
                                                           By Flo Hill-Rennie

Bird house Pages for Circle journal

This is the pages I did for Rhonda's Circle journal. her theme is Bird Houses so I did these pages.
With this page I used the Imagine and in CCR welded the font from Songbird and filed the letters with a paper from better together printed them on cricut printable vinyl and added them to this page which was made by putting a 6x6 square with rounded edges onto the mat and filling with a background paper. If you look closely the paper is upside down, the silver filigree is stickers and the bird is a dimentional from my stash of years.

Using Lori's Garden cartridge I again did a 6x6 background paper and printed and cut the birdcages. They are dimentioned up at the bottom in 2 layers for the one on the left and the right one has extra on the top and the bottom and is tied to the branch with 4 strands of bakers twine twisted into a rope. Rhonda wanted us to put in a quote or proverb so on the bottom is written "God loved the birds and created trees, Man loved the bird and created cages. This was printed on the computer using a background in a text box.
Between the 2 pages I added a plain vellum pages so the bird cages and houses did not stick together.
The next page has the proverb- A wise old owl sat in an Oak, the more he saw the less he spoke, the less he spoke the more he heard, Why aren't we more like that wise old bird.
This bird house was made by me it sits up off the page by about 5 mm. the front is embossed with a roof and house front and the door handle is a 'Craftworkcards candi' the front embossing I have sanded to show some white core through. The hole in the birdhouse was placed so when looking in you should be able to see a little owl.
The Owl background paper is another Imagine paper and the birds also they have all been dimentioned up.
The last page is a poem I wrote about my crafty friends for the people of Crafters Anonymous who are doing the journal I will add it below. These pages have silver stickers on them just to add something to the page.

As Rhonda's theme was bird houses I tried to keep the poem in line with things birdie or use sayings related to birds. 

  Crafty Friends                                                      

I met some people today
They live so far away
But we have so much in common
We always have something to say.

The net it catches some crafty birds
The old and young alike
For a bird is known by its feathers
And in our case, by the CA web site

We are birds of a feather, when we get together
And chatter about creations we’ve made
We strut like a rooster, our creations are ducky
We not really crazy we are really lucky.

We have something worth crowing about
We have a song to sing
We are crafters of paper
and that’s a fine thing.
                                                 By Flo Hill-Rennie